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  12. By reading this, you agree to buy me a drink in case we ever meet in person.

  13. All right, the last bullet point above is to be complied to at your discretion only; just checking whether you actually made it down here. The rest remains serious in nature, though.

Privacy Statement

Expect the worst - not necessarly from me, though.
Hello .. you're surfing the Internet in the 21st century- what do you expect? The best I can do for you is providing https; other than that I hope you use Tor or something like it. Good Luck.

Other than that: at least - since this is not by any means a commercial site - I don't expose you to any advertising or 3rd party tracking. The server is hosted in Germany, so that may give you some minimal comfort.

Well, so much for the legal stuff. I'm sure I missed something, but that's where your common sense should come in. smile

Thank you & cheers,
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